Extra hungry today

January 8, 2010

I don’t know why, but I am extra hungry today.  I’ve tried more water, more tea but in the end it’s more FOOD that I am really wanting.  I am writing this just to acknowledge where I am & hopefully that will be enough for me to move on.

It’s interesting to feel real hunger.  For so many years I’ve either immediately given in to hunger with whatever is easily at hand, or have prevented it by eating on a regular schedule.  Right now I’m eating pretty much only when I’m hungry (which seems to be about every 4 hours, but it depends on how much I eat).  And I’ve also learned that being hungry won’t kill me.  It’s mildly uncomfortable, like shoes that are a bit too small, or an ankle that you turned a few days back, but it’s not excruciating & in fact it’s probably a good thing to be able to recognize it.

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