Facing the music…

July 15, 2007

I have not been making my goal of maintaining my weight — instead, it is slowing drifting up. Part of it probably is a return to ‘normal’ eating now that I’m feeling better, part of it is the limited activity I am allowed to do, and a LOT of it is from eating too much.

I am really getting ready to get serious about losing in September, but I really also want to maintain my weight around 183 before then — and not add another 10 or more pounds to my starting number in a “last feast” mentality. (Am I the only one who does that?)

I am also hell-bent on finding a way to approach managing my weight without adding more stress to my life, and for that reason I’ve been trying to ease back into healthy habits, instead of trying to attack everything at once.

I’ve actually been really good for the past 2 weeks on the following :

  • Eating more fruit & vegetable (minimum 5 per day)
  • Increasing water to minimum 8 large glasses a day
  • Finding support online
  • Daily walking (first week was hard, but it’s gotten better)

I need to acknowledge this progress & accomplishment before just jumping into the next steps I need to take.

But the next step for me is obvious, and one that I’ve been resisting, and that is keeping a food journal.

Starting tomorrow (I weigh in on Mondays) I am writing down everything I eat. I will do this in a paper notebook, and will only list foods, not calories or nutrients, nor portions, for now. No judgment, just information. Keeping a daily food diary (often more detailed than this beginning) has always been one of my successful weight-loss cornerstones.

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