Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8

December 9, 2010

Cyclist fall down slipped on the uneven ground

One of my favorite quotes has always been this

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up EightJapanese proverb

I went missing for a few days

  • I had a bad eating weekend last week
  • My weight has bounced around a bit but I think I’m still on track for No Gain Holidays as long as I can keep my act together for the next few weeks.

I blog about Low Stress weight loss because I live a fairly high-stress life

What sent me AWOL at the end of last week was  increasing pressure to deal with my job.

I have a job that requires a lot of travel.  I have a baby due in the Spring.  These things are not compatible.

In addition, our path to parenthood is more complex than average, and it will require me taking time off from work several weeks before the birth to be sure I’m present for the big event.

My husband and I have spent a lot of time considering the various options – including both of our careers, how we see the childcare options, etc, and we agreed that the best course of action is for me to take a leave of absence.

Late last week we were advised by a friend (and employment lawyer) to move quickly to put in the request, and I was really nervous about it, because I didn’t know how my boss would react and how it would work out, but our plan B was to ask for immediate severance and so I was really nervous that I’d be suddenly out of a job. I knew it was coming, I knew it was the right choice, but actually moving to action so quickly put me into something of a panic.

I worried for 4 days about it, but when I finally was able to discuss it with my boss he was great & supportive & said he’d fight to get me the leave of absence & get me slated into a job with no travel after the return from time off, which was the ideal situation.

So that behind me I’m back on track, and starting over with Regular Exercise & forgetting that little spill into cookies, baguettes and ice cream over the weekend…

Creative Commons License photo credit: mcsdwarken


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