Fancy Italian restaurant

November 27, 2008

Last night I went to my husband’s office after my own workday because I needed to find cranberries and there is a store not too far from his office where I thought I’d find some (I did).  I was also hoping to entice my DH to leave the office earlier than he had planned, but in fact that didn’t quite work.

I had not eaten a lot all day – just what I was in the mood for, and lunch had been on the early side and was a Chinese noodle soup so not very substantial.  I had sent my DH to the office with a bunch of apples on Monday and ate two small ones when I first arrived, but still it was my hunger more than anything that finally got us moving out of his office and towards home at almost 10pm.

My husband suggested we go to a local restaurant for a quick bite to eat (he knows I am terribly bitchy when I haven’t eaten and he didn’t want to risk 20 minutes in the car with me to get home without food).  The restaurant we had in mind was really busy and we knew it would take forever to get served, so we walked out thinking of various places between his office and our house where we could go, when I remembered this fancy Italian place we’d been to one that was nearby and that had been fabulous. The restaurant is one of the places frequented by the truly chic – the ‘see and be seen’ crowd, and often there are celebrity sightings for those who are interested in such things (or recognize French stars, which I never do).

At this point I just needed to eat, and it didn’t matter if it would be healthy or not, as long as it was fast.  We were in luck, they had a table and we got right in, and I already knew I mainly would be eating the appetizers (they do a special of various antipasti that are always changing).  Because my DH found something else on the menu to interest him, I also ordered a main course (pasta).  The appetizers came, were less rich than the previous time we were there (and less good, frankly).  There were several items I don’t eat (calamari, salt cod) so I ate from what I could and didn’t pig out.  When my pasta arrived it was beautifully presented – linguini w clam sauce – I ate some but stopped about halfway through, realizing my hunger was satisfied and I was not totally loving the dish.

Not too bad for an unplanned stop at a restaurant that could easily set you back as far on your diet as it does on your wallet.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!

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