Fashion Magazines suck

October 30, 2008

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve looked at fashion magazines.  When I was growing up my mom subscribed to Vogue and Bazaar, and whenever I was sick it was always OJ, chicken soup and mom bringing in armloads of magazines.  When much younger I used to read Glamour and Cosmo (more general than fashion actually) and over the years that stopped and then during hard-core weight loss phases I’d read Shape and Fitness and Self (that one I do like).

I was stuck at the airport this week for a delayed flight and picked up a few magazines in the lounge, including Vogue, Bazaar and French Elle.  You know what?  They totally suck.  It is so focused on extremely expensive clothes on extremely skinny women who seem to have extremely boring lives to devote so much time and thought into their appearance and ‘the latest trends’.  It was really easy to see a direct correlation between reading these kinds of magazines and low self esteem and high credit card debt.  The magazines must be 80% ads.

As a pragmatic girl the fluff and sparkle just bewilders me.  As a fat woman I just cant relate to skinny jeans and most of the “trends”.  In today’s economy the prices just seem revolting.  I make a decent living and frankly I can afford pretty much what I want, but I just don’t see the point in spending 1200$ on a sweater.

I do still have good moments with Self magazine from time to time, and I have sometimes found Cosmo to still make me smile when I’m home sick (confesssions! sex talk!).  In truth my magazine buying these past few years is mainly art stuff or cooking or news (Economist, Time etc).  I don’t even count the professional journals among all this…

Anyway, although I though flipping through these mags might spark more of a desire to lose weight, I just found them from another universe — and strongly capable of making me lose many IQ points (and a lot of self-esteem) if I continued reading…

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