Fat hands with sausage fingers

June 4, 2008

I have never liked my hands. All my life I looked at other women’s hands and saw elegance and grace and I always saw a toddler’s chubby appendages at the end of my own arms. Chubby fingers, fatty hands. At least for the moment no wrinkles on them, which is small solace.

My hands get really fat around 200 pounds and I only see the faintest hint of veins in my hands around 170 pounds. I’ve never been at a weight where my hands were pretty.

Right now my fingers look like sausages and many of my rings don’t fit or can only be worn for a few hours before I worry about cutting off circulation. My wedding and engagement rings are really tight and if I have too much salt.. it’s not pretty. Sometimes my ring finger even tingled a little back when I started again at 215 pounds, and that tingling (which I know can be dangerous) was part of the motivation to get myself losing weight again – because I was not about to go without my wedding ring just to keep eating and eating. Right now I can get my engagement ring on and off but not the wedding ring…

I really want my rings to fit properly (and I secretly dream of having to have them resized several times as I lose!). I have several lovely rings my DH gave me for my birthday and other holidays a few years back that I can’t wear right now.

What I am waiting for is for my rings to be fitting properly again. And then to start getting loose.

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