Feeling pretty good

December 17, 2009

It’s a snowy day in Paris — the first I remember seeing in December, in fact.  We don’t usually get much snow but there’s probably about an inch out there now, and the temp is warmer than it has been in days.  I’ve been wearing my big bulky long down coat this week – and couldn’t care less about the fact that everyone looks 30 pounds heavier in such apparel, because the truth of it is that it’s 1) warm and 2) fitting.  Last year I couldn’t even wear it, and it’s really a nice coat & I’m really not very vain, so I wear it happily.

I’ve been enjoying being back to exercise this week.  Other than Monday where I had a pretty hectic day, I’ve made it to the gym each day (twice in mornings!) and am enjoying it, seeing sweat, and still being careful not to overdo it.  No pain at all, which is great & what I’m going for.

I’ve also decided to keep on weekly weigh ins on Mondays but skip days of hopping on the scale in between – in just a few days I’ve felt a lot more relaxed about it, which I think means that taking a break from losing right now (til Jan 1) is the right thing for me.  My husband’s birthday is Friday, we have holdiay meals w family on Sat & Sunday, leave for my in-laws for x-mas on Weds, have a romantic weekend at a hotel/restaurant for the following weekend.   I don’t plan to go nuts, but I do plan a small peice of cake (I havent made this cake in 6 years) and I’m guessing I’ll have something nice during the romantic weekend.  And I’ll probably have to suck it up and eat something not completely low carb to keep from driving my in-laws crazy over 4 days there…  I can only pack so many nuts!

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