Focused weekend

February 20, 2010

I’ve had a decent week.  Pretty much stuck to healthy eating but exercise was lacking.  I’ve done well on the Relaxing front, and it really helps me mentally to link that in to my whole ‘healthy living’ mindset.

I also pushed the scale under the bathroom vanity this morning.  It’s going to come out only once a week (well, that’s the plan).  I’m stopping the daily weigh ins for now, and pushing the scale out of the way is necessary, because when it’s in the middle of my bathroom I have a tendency to step on it every time I walk by it… not healthy for my head at all.

This weekend should be full of fun relaxing activities but I want to make sure I get in exercise & lots of sleep too.  I’m also going to try to have my food be really under control, because this weekend it looks like most meals will be at home & without friends over (therefore fewer temptations).  I bought lots of gorgeous organic produce this morning plus some meat at the butcher and several French cheeses so we’re well-stocked for good meals at home.

Weekends are often one of my biggest challenges, so it’s nice to find one that can actually be a help not a hurdle to the bigger picture weight loss goals.

A few months ago I started doing separate planning for weekends vs for the whole week and I think it really helps me.  I used to plan the week on Mondays (well, I still do) but now I also try to look specifically at the weekend on Friday because it helps me keep a plan to manage any challenges in mind, and helps me keep my eye on the prize.  Monday morning weigh-ins are probably the most important factor in having good weight-loss weekends, but the second factor now is awareness & a bit of planning on Fridays.

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