Food journal Friday, December 12th

December 12, 2008

Goals for each day this week:

  • Leave something leftover at each meal
  • Eat at least 7 servings fruit & veg
  • Consistently log my food (either online or on paper)
  • Cook!


  • Woke up not hungry so starting w just tea… we’ll see if I get hungry later, but if I do it’s fruit

Lunch :

  • Made a quick Asian chicken soup using a leftover chicken breast & some chicken stock, ginger, cilantro, onion and a few of the mushrooms my husband bought for tonight (shhh don’t tell him!).  Was very light and warm and nurturing and super quick too.  I’m very happy with it.
  • I tasted the dips as I made them, so there would be some calories there, but nothing major
  • Clementines

Dinner :

  • Starter : celery & cauliflower with dip
  • Roasted milk-fed lamb w sauteed mushrooms
  • Winter tomato-mozzarella
  • Mixed fresh berries (I know, bad for the environment!) w a small amount of whipped cream
  • 2 pistachio-cranberry biscotti
  • Pineapple

Cooking plans for the day :

  • Shallot-blue cheese dip (yes, I’ll post the recipe later) – DONE and YUM
  • Bean w bacon dip – DONE … hoping it becomes better in the fridge for 24 hours
  • Roasted green beans – NOPE
  • Roasted root veggies OR braised red cabbage – DID THE CABBAGE  haven’t really tasted it…
  • Winter tomato-mozzarella maybe for dinner (one of my DH’s faves & since we’re having company…) – DONE
  • Cut up the cauliflower for crudites – DONE
  • Cranberry-Pistachio Biscotti – DONE
  • Apple Gingerbread Muffins – DONE

How did I do?

  • Renoncement (leaving something leftover) : Soup at lunch – YES!  I swear the hardest part of this is just getting in the habit.  Dinner : left a bite of lamb. Ate all the rest… sigh
  • Fruit & veggie count : 10
  • Water : 6
  • Herbal tea : 2 pots

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