Food Journal, Saturday 20 December

December 20, 2008

Breakfast :

  • Tea with milk
  • Kashi heart to heart cereal w milk
  • 1 apple
  • Plain yogurt w berries

Lunch :

  • baked ratatouille by my Mom – this was really good, I’m going to get the recipe (with a little parmesean)
  • 2 carrots

Dinner :

  • Pizza, 1/2 of a thin-crust small size (so less pizza than I typically eat in Paris)
  • apple
  • 1/2 hamentashen pastry, which I didn’t even particularly like

Fruit & veg count : 7 – this is way off my normal eating, I think it’s all the eating out

Leave something leftover each meal : pretty good, I didn’t eat a last piece of pizza (which my friend eventually ate) and I stopped at half the pastry

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