Food journal Thursday, December 11th

December 11, 2008

Goals for each day this week:

  • Leave something leftover at each meal
  • Eat at least 7 servings fruit & veg
  • Consistently log my food (either online or on paper)
  • Cook!


  • Banana oatmeal again, from the fridge to the microwave. Worked great.  I need to play with the servings if I keep doing this, what was supposed to be 2 servings would really be almost 3.  Both yesterday & today I left some over.

Lunch :

  • Tomato mushroom soup
  • Carrots w the shallot-blue cheese dip
  • a few squares of dark chocolate

Dinner :

  • More of the spinach-mushroom-chicken lasagna.  I had two small servings but did leave some leftover.
  • Litchis
  • Pineapple
  • I did NOT have the clafoutis, nor cheese

Cooking plans for the day :

  • None

How did I do?

  • Renoncement (leaving something leftover) : Very good this morning with the oatmeal.  Ate lunch on autopilot, didn’t even think to leave anything leftover. SUCH a hard thing for me….  Dinner left about 4 bites of lasagna – from my second helping…
  • Fruit & veggie count : 9
  • Water : 6
  • Herbal tea : 2 pots

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