Food Journal Wednesday, December 10th

December 10, 2008

Goals for each day this week:

  • Leave something leftover at each meal
  • Eat at least 7 servings fruit & veg
  • Consistently log my food (either online or on paper)
  • Cook!


  • Banana oatmeal again, yum.  Tried making a double batch to have one to just microwave tomorrow – we’ll see how that goes.   I realized I wasn’t that hungry and didn’t finish the last 3 bites – this is major for me

Lunch :

  • Celery plus my wicked caramelized shallot-blue cheese dip.  This dip is getting better every day it sits, need to pick up more cheese & shallots to make it again for the weekend.
  • Tomato mushroom soup
  • Radish (a bunch of this, but it’s radishes, who cares. Hit the crunch need)

Dinner :

  • More celery w dip
  • Pineapple
  • Some bites of the spinach-mushroom-ricotta mix as I was preparing the lasgana
  • Spinach mushroom chicken Lasagna w white sauce – smells heavenly, waiting for my DH to get home to try it… Ate either 2 small servings.  It was a lot of work for something that I found kind of ‘blah’.  DH liked it more than I did, but I prefer tomato-based lasagna.
  • Had just one bit of his serving of clafoutis
  • 2 clementines

Cooking plans for the day :

  • Prepare chicken, spinach & mushroom lasagna – DONE
  • Make Moroccan carrots or roasted root veggies – NOPE
  • Make biscotti or clafoutis – CLAFOUTIS DONE

How did I do?

  • Renoncement (leaving something leftover) : Very good this morning w the oatmeal – realized I wasn’t that hungry and left more than a smidge (at least 3 bites).  Good, reasonable appetite all day.  Kept thinking I’d have a fruit snack but never really felt the need.
  • Fruit & veggie count : 10
  • Water : 6
  • Herbal tea : 1 pot

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