Food journals for Dec 22-24

December 25, 2008

Yikes, I guess I need to do paper, since I didn’t write this down at the time my memory is fuzzy a few days back… Internet access has turned out to be a problem – my brother in law had installed wifi at my mom’ but guess what? She unhooked it, changed things, and we can’t figure out how to get it back. I will not stay here in the future without internet, I’d rather stay at a hotel.

I’ll give a brief synopsis :

THE GOOD : Exercise! Almost every day, only missed one day in the gym since I’ve been in Denver, not too bad.  I’ve also been good about leaving food leftover almost every meal.

THE BAD : Not paying close attention these past couple of days to the food journal (or the food choices)

THE UGLY : My mom’s scale reads about 5 pounds lighter than my scale in Paris (if I assume I didn’t magically drop 5 pounds by flying).  I’ll have a hard time adjusting back to the higher number

From most sure (most recent) to least :

Wednesday December 24th :

Gym : 55 min cardio

Breakfast : 6 oz yogurt, apple, 1/2 whole wheat cinnamon bun

Lunch : slice bread w olive oil, chopped salad w salami & cheese

Snack : popcorn at the movies… with butter (which I can now admit is pretty unnecessary…)

Dinner : at a party… kind of grazed, mainly eating the veggies and green salad, about 3 bites of pork roast (not a fan) and desserts – 3 pieces of rugelah, 1/3 cup chocolate mousse, 1/2 cup ice cream

Fruit & veggie count : about 9

Leave food leftover : okay w popcorn & dinner

Tuesday, December 23rd

Gym : 70 min cardio, yeah me!

Breakfast : tea with milk, slice of wheat bread w butter, orange

Lunch : salad w balsamic vinaigrette, 1/2 pizza with italian sausage (same pizza place as Saturday)

Snack : starbucks gingerbread latte, grande size. I don’t even want to know the calorie count. A lot, it was really sweet and rich. And it will be years before I am tempted to repeat the sweet starbucks drinks again – I relearn this lesson every 18 months or so…

Dinner : PF Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps – yum yum. I overate. Had kung pao chicken, spicy green beans & garlic snap peas too.  Overate for sure

Fruit & veg count : about 9

Leave something leftover : not my best day…

Monday, December 22nd :

Gym : 60 minutes cardio

Breakfast : apple, Kashi heart to heart with milk, tea w milk

Lunch :  Blue cheese, dried cranberries & nuts salad w dressing.   2 bites chocolate chip cookie

Dinner : Chile relleno and chicken enchilada, left a lot uneaten (I had lunch really late)

Fruit & Veg count / leftover : memory is a bit fuzzy, but leftover was good (I got a free cookie with my salad that I didn’t touch – threw it away easily – what I did eat were nibbles at the counter waiting for my salad).  Fruit & veg were low.

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