Fun in the sun

August 6, 2009

I wouldn’t say our vacation has been terribly relaxing nor very strenuous, but it’s been fun so far.  We’re now about halfway through.

My diet is going great, however.  I had one of my planned treats – Cold Stone ice cream (sweet cream with pecans and roasted almonds) a few nights ago (didn’t finish it even) and I will have both cake and ice cream on Saturday (my birthday).  The West coast bagels don’t tempt me, and other than missing enchiladas (which I might allow myself once) I haven’t felt a strong desire for anything that doesn’t fit my low carb diet yet.

The hardest have been the theme parks – all the snacks are sugar and dough, and the meals are basically pizza or flimsy sandwiches, but armed with a bag of beef jerkey and some nuts in my purse I’ve made it through.  Now the theme parks are behind us (thank god) so it should be easier.

What’s kept me going have been having our own kitchen most of the time, buying organic bacon (which doesn’t really exist in France), making eggs in the morning, and having marscapone in the fridge at night (if everyone else had a big dessert I know I can have a few spoonfuls when I get home).  I’ve actually had relatively little of it (and little of the 99% chocolate I brought with me from France to keep myself from feeling deprived).

Other than the Big Salads which are available in just about every restaurant in California, there has been In ‘n Out burger and their “secret menu'” of “Protein Style” where they replace the bun with chunks of fresh lettuce.  Luckily both my husband and stepson have loved In ‘n Out, so we’ve been 3 times so far.  They are delicious and 100% compatible with my diet, yeah!

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