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July 2, 2010

Scale is stuck

I guess I’m not technically in a Plateau, since I did lose weight last week, but the enormous frustration of being one measly pound away from my mini-goal of 189 (and that purse) & instead seeing the scale go UP instead of down (or even staying the same) despite a good week really pushed me into “break the plateau” mode.  So even though I’m not in what I consider a “real” plateau, I moved into plateau-busting mode after Monday’s weigh-in this week, due to the incentive of Spring Focus ending next week.

What qualifies as a plateau?

Usually I’m pretty strict with what I call a plateau.  Years of daily and weekly weigh-ins have taught me that weight fluctuates (for me & for everybody) and that for me personally I often hang out at certain weights for a while before losing again. I also know that one week is not a plateau, two is pushing it, but at three weeks I can officially wear my “I’m on a plateau” t-shirt while I grind my teeth in frustration.

I'm on a Plateau t shirtA Plateau Action Plan

I’ve learned to have a “go-to” plan for how to handle those plateaus – and how to beat them.  I’m seriously hoping that this week I actually lose & don’t need another post on this topic for a while, but one of my Plateau Action Plan strategies is to up the exercise.

This week one of my weekly goals has been to increase the number of exercise sessions (to 5) and to make them a bit longer.  I don’t let myself lower the intensity either.

I used to always do 45 minutes in the gym, but in the past few years I’ve become more flexible.  30 minutes is better than none, walking between appointments is better than not walking even if the time & distance isn’t a “real” workout, and sometimes I have the time & energy to go longer.  So 45 minutes is still the most frequent, but it’s mixed with other times now more often too.

Putting it into practice this week : longer & more frequent exercise sessions

This week one of my goals has been to get more exercise.  I’ve been either setting a longer period, doing a bit more when I wasn’t “counting” it, getting up early to walk on the gym treadmill (wow!) or adding at least 5 minutes to whatever I felt like doing.  I added in an extra day of exercise even though it was “short”.

I don’t know if it will make a difference on the scale, but I can already see a difference in fitness – I moved up another level of intensity on the elliptical this week, and I can see big changes in my heart rate recovery time during intervals in the second half of the workouts.  So although I’m very much anxious to get to 189 and leave the 190s behind, there are plenty of other ways to see success.

What are some of your Plateau-busting strategies?


Spring Focus update :

By popular vote, the final report-in for Spring Focus will be on Tuesday July 6th.  I’ll give you through Wednesday to reply to the reporting, and post the wrap-up on Thursday or Friday.

COUNTDOWN : 4 days until the end, final push!


Weekend Plan

All things considered, my weekend should be pretty focused.

Although we are hosting a all-day Independence Day party, in the end that’s just one (or two) meals & it’s not going to be an excuse to go crazy.  It’s set up so our friends can drop by all afternoon and evening, and we’ll have tons of food & drink around, but since it’s at our house I’ll make sure there are plenty of healthy choices too.  Probably the main meat will be kabobs & we’ll make a few salads and have veggies w dip in addition to all the French food we’ll throw out there too.  My husband has asked a local bakery to make red, white & blue tarts, but I placed an order at the organic store to have plenty of berries on hand.  With piles of fresh summer fruits the tarts will have less appeal.   We’ll balance each other out.

I plan a really long workout Saturday and a short one on Sunday morning before the craziness starts, and Monday will be a long work day so no workout will be possible.

What about you? What are you facing this weekend, and how will you handle it?

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