Strategies for Getting Back on Track

May 13, 2010

When I am first getting back on track for weight loss after a while off I have two major strategies.

  1. Go hard & heavy, giving everything I’ve got & letting the whoosh of the scale motivate me to keep going.  This works well when I’ve only been off track for a few days or a week – with concerted effort usually within a week or so I can get back to the “before” weight even if the scale showed quite a jump
  2. Make only a few very small changes, and only commit to doing so for a very short period of time. When I’m off track in a big way the “healthy” life is such a big difference from the “off track” version that the gap seems enormous, too big to tackle, and that fear of such a huge change paralyzes me.  But babysteps to weight loss & healthy living put me in the right direction & help me see that I can accomplish things, and soon the first steps put a few good habits back in place & I’m ready to take on more habits, more days.

In both strategies, I consider it part of what I call “low stress weight loss” – feeling like you can make it work, and gaining hope again after you feel hopeless because you fell off track (yet again).  Finding ways to put yourself back into a mindset & cycle of success is important, and the skill set to do this over and over in your life is what makes for long term success.  None of us will ever be 100% perfect in our diet & exercise forever, so knowing how to get yourself back on track after a step away is really important.

I was off track with exercise for about 6 weeks, and off track with food for 4 weeks.  Both were intentional and not just a falling off the wagon (I did IVF & didn’t want to be depriving my body of nutrients when we were on our final attempt to grow healthy eggs).

But getting back on track has been hard.

Strategy One failed – twice, so this past Monday I switched to Strategy Two.

On Monday I committed to 3 things for 3 days -healthy foods, lots of water & daily weigh ins.  That’s it, but it was enough to get me going in the right direction.

Today is Thursday & I’m ready to extend the commitment out through next Monday.

I’m going to keep the same 3 goals, but some minor modifications to adapt to the long weekend & short trip we are taking.

Goal 1 : Eat healthy foods but no tracking EXCEPT that I will report here any non-healthy choices.  Hopefully the potential guilt will make me choose better when tempted (we are going to a nice restaurant tonight, & tomorrow will be a hotel breakfast full of croissants & other French pastries)

Goal 2 : Water Drink lots of water & herbal teas

Goal 3 : Weigh in daily (but will skip Friday because we’ll be out of town)

Friday is the ultrasound.  My mom is going with our surrogate to the appointment & it feels really weird to not be there.  I’m a mix of nervous & excited, and so so want everything to be okay, but don’t want to get my hopes high & then crushed so I keep trying to put it out of my mind.

How to you handle Getting Back on Track?


Spring Focus Update :

For my own accountability on my 3 goals

  1. Healthy foods : yes.  Took a bit of self-control during afternoon munchies, but I did it.  I hid the organic blueberries from my husband so I could have them for dessert & suggested he open some cookies for himself.  Worked like a charm, we were both happy.
  2. Water & herbal tea : yes
  3. Weigh in daily : 192, the scale finally dropped.

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