Getting back to normal

November 16, 2009

I’m on the road to recovery pretty solidly now.

After Tuesday’s debacle I’ve paid more attention to taking it easy, and my mom had a reminder from her sister (who nursed her after her hysterectomy 20+ yrs ago) of how hard the recovery was & suddenly my mom is insisting I sit down, etc.  The pain has significantly reduced & 22 hours a day I’m feeling good (the other 2 hours I’m behind on taking my Tylenol & waiting for it to kick in).

I see the doctor on Thursday & hope hope hope to get the all-clear from his exam and the pathology report.

In the meantime, I’m walking a bit (trying for around 30min/day) and don’t have a huge appetite (my mom thinks from the surgery, I think from the carb-restricted diet).  The end result?  Another 2 pounds gone this week!  That brings my total to 31, which is damn respectable.  I’m so glad to have gotten in control of my weight this year.  And beyond pleased to have found an approach that works so effortlessly for me.

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