Getting That “Settled In” Feeling Again

February 22, 2011

I’ve been back on track for the last month or so – no major “whoosh” weight losses, but steady movement in the right direction, and despite a few weekends where I just went with the flow to not be a major PITA houseguest, the scale is solidly down about 5 pounds (more on days when the stars align).

Creative Commons License photo credit: Daniel*1977

More importantly, I feel settled in to healthy eating again.  It’s not a struggle, it’s not a constant battle, it’s not a big deal to turn down stuff.  I’m enjoying opening my recipe books again and finding yummy, diet-appropriate things I’d forgotten about.

I’ve been traveling less, which really helps too.

I’ve been resisting exercise like crazy. I’m not sure why, but I took a few weeks mentally OFF exercise.  No exercise, no expectations to exercise, and it seems to have helped – I now WANT to go back.  I’m hoping to get to the gym Thursday or Friday, if not I’ll go for a walk.  And this time, I think I’ll enjoy it!

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