Girl Food!

May 25, 2008

I have very good intentions for this week – I have a ton of work to get done, and I have the house to myself. My DH is traveling for a week, so I figured this is a good opportunity to have a really focused week. (Both for work and for food).

I went a bit nuts at the market – hope I don’t let too much spoil.

I cleaned and prepped the radishes (two bunches!) and a big thing of celery.

I made a killer vegetable soup with eggplant, tomatoes, celery, carrots, red cabbage, onions, zucchini and a bit of red pepper.

I have a huge bag of spinach, which I plan to sautee very simply with spring onions.

I have 3 turkey breast filets to cook up tonight to serve as my protein for the week.

My plan is basically to eat soup and turkey all week, rounded out w some extra veggies (still have leftover roasted broccoli, carrots and green beans). And we have a massive – MASSIVE – pile of cherry tomatoes.

Writing it down I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to eat all this in the 6 nights ahead of me – but it’ll be good for me to try! Unfortunately I don’t have any days for lunch at home, that could help make a dent in all this…

It helps being able to fill the fridge to the gills with food that’s all for me. And not needing to worry about making things everyone will like or with enough meat is another help in healthy eating.

I did make a cherry clafoutis that was supposed to be to share w my DH before he left, but the time got away from me and I didn’t get it done in time for him to have it – so it’s all for me. No worries though, I just calculated the total calories in the recipe and the WHOLE THING only has 1100 cals – so spread out over several meals it’s quite reasonable. Was a breeze to whip up and looks really good too!

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