Goal in sight

July 6, 2009

Well, I will stand up and be a poster girl for the Slow Losers of the Universe club.

I have been quitetly keeping at it, not stressing daily, eating pretty much what I want, living without hunger, taking an occaisonal day or weekend off from my plan, and now, 14 weeks later, I am down 19 pounds and the next several weeks I should meet the following milestones :

-1 more : 20 pounds lost

-3 more : Out of the 200s FOREVER

-4 more : -10% body weight loss

I’ve been very gentle with myself regarding goals and timing this round (even moreso after the cancer diagnosis 6 weeks ago).  I’ve dieted more times than I can count, and the days of projecting my weight by a certain date are behind me at this point in my life.  I try to do the best I can in terms of eating a healthy low carb diet and getting in some exercise, and I let the weight fall where it may.

It’s been slow going – generally a pound a week, and I had a frustrating plateau of 4 weeks where I was doing things right and not losing anyway when I was 4 weeks into low carbing.  But I stuck it out and suddenly the plateau busted, and my slow steady loss is now adding up to be something significant. Check out the page “weekly weight graph” to see the pretty picture.

I’m also not thinking of a final number.  My goal focus for now has been to get out of the 200s, and once that’s done my next goal will be to get back to my wedding weight (183).  Then step by step I’ll get to a healthier, happier weight.

It would be wonderful if I can bust out of 200 before summer vacation (just under 3 weeks), but given that we have a romantic 4 day weekend away this weekend, that may not happen.  And it may be a number that stays out of grasp for a while if I do end up starting the hormonal treatment for the endometrial cancer (major side effect : increased appetite & weight gain, ain’t that cool!).  But no matter, I will keep on the path because I feel so much better eating this way.

I’m also pretty confident I can do this on our trip to the US this summer.  Living in France, it’s not the American bread that will get me riled up.  Nor is it the industrial desserts that pale in comparison to the likes of Pierre Hermé.  Even my big downfall for Mexican has plenty of low-carb options, and every restaurant has salads full of protein and other things that I can eat.  Other than breakfasts in hotels offering ‘continental’ I think I won’t have too much of a challenge, and even those hotels must be near a place offering omelets.  I’m not saying I’ll have a carb-free, cheat-free vacation, but a few planned indulgences is not the same thing as 3 weeks of disastrous eating either.

So, sooner or later those goals listed above will be MINE and it feels so good to feel so confident that I’m closing in on them.

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