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October 27, 2009

I was hit in this round of meme going around the 3FC blogs last week by gonnabe and fatpants (thanks) and since these days I have enough freaky stuff going on I don’t want to risk bad karma by ditching this, so I’m playing along.


-Include the award on your blog or post
-Share with everyone six interesting facts about yourself
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Six interesting facts about me:

1. I feel so blessed to have met my husband.  He is kind, intelligent, generous, funny, and so cute.  He was worth the wait.

2. I used to love earrings but about 8 years ago I suddenly became allergic to all earrings, even those of 18k gold, so now I only wear them for a few hours on special occasions.

3. I really hate people who judge others.  I don’t know why anyone could think that their own beliefs and choices are the right ones for anyone but themselves.

4. I don’t understand why people would want to be famous.  Rich, yes, but famous I just don’t get.

5. My mom made me take typing my first year of high school as an elective, and as a result I am a touch typist (using all fingers without looking at the keys).  When I moved to France I discovered to my horror that a French keyboard is about 20% different than an American QWERTY one, but I am now a touch typist on both systems – takes me a minute or two to adjust back and forth.

6. I am a bad aunt.  I forget birthdays and don’t send cards or gifts.  I keep meaning to improve on this but I still haven’t done it.  It would probably save me a lot of mental anguish if I just set up an automated system instead of constantly worrying about it.

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