Gourmet and Gourmand

July 14, 2007

Gourmet means the same in English & in French, but the French have another word, gourmand, which means overeating.  Last night we were both.

We blew off our friend’s dinner party last night.  It was not nice of us, but we were both dreading it & had a plausible excuse.  We also had a babysitter.  So, we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, a Michelin-starred gourmet place which was closing for the summer holiday.

It was, as always, delicious and fabulous.  It was also a real indulgence, mainly because we eat a lot when we go there (my husband is a real gourmet & a frequent customer of theirs, so they often customize a tasting menu for us — which means WAY too much food, even though each thing they bring out is not huge).  Luckily I had eaten healthy all day, but still…

Appetizer : Lobster, prepared 3 ways

Fish : Sole, prepared in a really neat sauce w white truffles (DH had turbot)

Meat : Veal, in a caramelized sauce of reduced veal juices and a hint of coconut milk (DH had a small game bird, I don’t remember which – way too gamey for me)

Cheese : I didn’t have much, but there was a nice sheep’s milk cheese I’d never had before that was quite good, along w a comte that was excellent (DH had all the scary cheeses on the cart)

Dessert 1 : strawberry & pineapple verrine (a verrine is something that is served in a glass, usually layered, always pretty) this was a light, nice liquid — I thought this was it until…

Dessert 2 : mango tart w balsamic reduction and confit tomatoes with verbena ice cream — sound weird but it was awesome.  Even if we were already stuffed by this point, so we didn’t eat much of it

We also had good wine, but I am such an amateur & I never remember the names.

Today we had a brunch at our house, and while I had one croissant (a cinnamon one, which is not terribly French) other than that I just ate fruit, not bad considering the carb-o-rama in front of me.

I found the photo online – it’s not our dinner, but an idea of a verrine.  What’s odd is that there was this table of Asians near us that passed a camera back and forth all night, taking pictures of everything they were served, and I thought it so odd last night… Now I think maybe they’re all bloggers!

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