Half a pound

February 23, 2010

Well, as is always the case when I don’t post my weigh-in results on a Monday, I didn’t like what I saw.  I give myself a weigh-in do-over on Tuesdays when the Monday number isn’t to my liking.  If Tuesday is no better, I suck it up and write it down.

This week I *did* see the scale move down.

But it wasn’t a nice one pound drop, and I have only been following full pound movement in my weight for the past year.   But I’ve been thinking about allowing for reporting “half pounds” for several weeks now, and this week’s weigh in pushes me there.

My weight was 185.4 on both Monday & today.  My scale actually measures in .02 of a pound, but you’re not going to see me following OUNCES when I know how much my body weight fluctuates, so half a pound is the smallest increment I can live with and stay sane.  I can also see progress, and it helps that the rounding off line is so easy.  I actually never take the rounded number – I make sure I’m safely arrived at a number before recording it, so 185.4 can be recorded as 185 1/2 but not as 185 in my book.  I still have half a pound to lose before I consider myself at 185 (185.0, 184.8, 184.6 will all be recorded as “185” for me).

I’m making the switch to allowing half-pound increments to keep myself motivated, because my weight loss is slow.  It’s not newly slow, it’s not freakishly slow, but it is pretty consistently slow.  That’s okay, I’m in no rush, and as I commented to someone this morning, I strongly prefer to lose slowly and keep a high baseline metabolism instead of cutting my calories to freakishly low levels, losing a bit quicker, and then having to live in maintenance on 1000 calories a day.  No thank you.  Slow consistent weight loss is much better.

I lost half a pound last week while traveling for business most of the week, being really tired, not always having good food choices available, and basically making the best of it.  If I can lose half a pound during weeks like that, it’s not so bad, since weeks like that are only half of my reality.  The other half of weeks are easier.

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