Holding steady

November 30, 2009

My mindset & my weight have been holding steady this week.  That’s pretty good & I’ll count it as a victory.  I’ve lost weight steadily every week for quite a while now, so a flat week doesn’t freak me out, I actually think it’s a bit more normal.

I also headed back to exercise last week – more seriously than the slow walks I’d been doing after surgery, I acutally went to the gym 3 times & 2 long walks last week, and was glad to see my appetite return along with the energy expenditure.  I’ve had very little appetite since the surgery & was starting to wonder about it — since that’s not very normal for me, and there were days when my calorie intake was very low because of it.  Luckily, it looks like it was just a phase, and I am generally feeling more ‘me’.  I was careful not to overdo it (except for Friday, when I did overdo it) & was really happy that the gym sessions didn’t result in any pain or other ill effects.

This weekend we went to visit my in-laws in Brittany.  Whenever we go there we always visit a special creperie which has the BEST crepes I’ve ever had.  I knew we’d go there this trip again, and I was debating what I would do about my diet on such a visit.  Do I try to find a way to eat low carb & skip the crepe? Or do I just go with the flow and enjoy it?  Finally, I decided to go with the latter solution, as we only visit there once a year or so, and those crepes are totally worth it.  They’re actually not horrible from a carb standpoint – the crepe batter is made with whole grain buckwheat, and they have tons of fat in them (butter for the griddle, cheese, egg, etc).  It’s higher carb than my regular fare, but not like I’m diving into a cake of flour and sugar, so I just let myself enjoy it & then returned to regular eating (almost — I did also dip my hand into the chocolates a few times that evening…).  But yesterday was back on track & today will be too.  Life is too short to turn down everything.

This week the scale has been dancing around a lot — and higher than usual, which is a bit weird.  I figure some is from the intensified exercise, and other must just be readjusting to a new normal.  At the same time the scale was up a few pounds (back today to the same weight as last week), my clothes felt looser again.  I finally decided to retire the jeans that have seen me through since March.  I confess they were pretty tight in March, but now have a saggy butt & saggy thighs & I have jeans in about 6 sizes in the depths of my closet, so I went digging.  I was surprised that there were pairs of jeans that I need to skip over — they would have worked 10 pounds ago but are already too big.

I was inspired enought to go through my professional clothes this morning — since I start back to work on Wednesday.  I found 2 suits I bought in February that were tight then that are too big now & still have the labels on them.  I got rid of 8 pair of pants & a few jackets, and have room (and encouragement) enough to try on some of the suits that I had banished to an upstairs closet 2 years ago when I realized they were just making me feel bad every time I got dressed — some of them probably fit again now! It’s like going shopping without spending anything or dealing with the crowds.

I’ve gone through my sweaters too, and even put a few items that are tight into a box to open again in 10 or so pounds.  I’m loving the feeling of discovering new(ish) items so I figured they were better off waiting for me to re-discover them instead of taking up space in my mind & closet right now.

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