Hunger and Croissants

May 15, 2008

Yesterday I sat in a meeting from 8:30am to 1:20pm. I had lunch after and breakfast was a smoothie in the car at 7:30. In the meeting room was a big basket of croissants, chocolate croissants, and raisin croissants. At 8:15 when I showed up I decided I would not eat any of them. By the time the second break rolled around at 11:00 I was faltering. By 12 I was really hungry. I clearly wasn’t the only one – I noticed a lot of people who hadn’t touched the croissants earlier were picking up a half of one (or ripping in half a whole one) and eating it. And maybe going back for the second half too.

As time went on I kept feeling hungry, and then was able to focus on THAT being an accomplishment too. I usually eat BEFORE I get too hungry, or at the very beginning of hunger. But I was able to just be hungry for a little more than an hour, NOT touch the croissants, and then head to lunch where I knew multiple menu temptations loomed.

Luckily I ate with a fit friend, who immediately chose the fish, and I did the same, even replacing the potatoes with green beans (which she didn’t do) and I was helped on not eating the bread basket by our spacey waitress who forgot to bring it (which NEVER happens in France!).

So what I’m proud of :

  • Having a healthy, good breakfast to prepare for the day
  • Not eating a single croissant despite temptation for hours!
  • Letting myself feel hunger without stressing out
  • Choosing a good, healthy meal after the hungry, temptation-ridden morning

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