I don’t want to jinx myself, but…

April 25, 2008

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think this time getting back on track is working. I’m using more structure than in previous attempts to get back on track (more on that in coming days).
There is something good about gaining momentum from several good days in a row – it makes each one a bit easier.

And I’m hoping the scale on Monday will help motivate me too… I have so much desire to get back to Onederland and eventually back to 185. Of course from there I’d really like to keep going and finally feel comfortable in my own skin and be healthy, but the idea that I could fit into my wardrobe this Fall is very motivating (having spent all Fall and Winter busting out of things and feeling just awful about the way I look).

Yesterday I was able to be more focused, as I had hoped. I ate an extra meal (a salad) because I’d eaten light all day so my hunger was different – and earlier. I had dinner at 7 which is really early for me, but it was mainly veggies and so at 10:30 when my husband was coming home and asked if I wanted anything at Subway I asked him to pick me up a mixed-veggie salad w pastrami. Subway is a novelty here in Paris — sub shops just don’t exist and getting a fresh, decent, fast salad like that is not so easy… So I was thrilled w the offer but made a good choice, and was super-happy to have jalepenos on the salad since they are damn near impossible to find here (the French don’t really like spicy foods). Pastrami turned out to be pepperoni which is just gross when it’s not on pizza, so I ended up w just the veggie salad and was really happy with it – and didn’t even have to feel guilty!

Fruit & veg count : 14 (wow!)

B : 4 in very large smoothie (today : pineapple strawberry); L : 3 chinese chicken salad (2 kinds of cabbage, carrot, some shredded beet); D : 2 asparagus/scallion/green bean, 1 artichoke (ate w just lemon juice today!) 1 cherry tomatoes, 3 mixed salad (lettuce, red onion, jalapeno, tomato, green pepper, black olive)

My antioxidant count was even higher – I had some dark chocolate before bed too…

I find it interesting how much easier I find it to count fruit and veggies than to count calories. Yes, it’s simpler, but it’s also more positive… focusing on nutrition might be a good solution for me…

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