I gained on vacation

August 25, 2009

Well, despite a one-week serious focus, the scale is telling me that for sure I gained 2 stupid pounds on vacation, putting me back over the damn 200 mark (at 201) several days running (it was worse when I first got back).

But, I’ve been seriously back on track for over a week now, and other than eating 3 figs fresh off the tree at our house in the South of France (heavenly, and impossible to resist!) I’ve been a very good diligent low-carber.

I’ve been in ketosis solidly for about 4 days now, and the hunger and grumpiness have gone away – but those first days were tough.  The hardest was probably Wednesday night, when my husband proposed an impromtu outing after an appointment which meant eating out and then grabbing a movie – great except the road to temptation through the restaurant (did fine) and then the theatre (had nothing but it was HARD).

I need to get back to exercise now that I’m pretty well back into my normal life again.  Of course I’ve said this every day for a week now…

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