I guess this is kind of working

December 1, 2008

I guess the approach from the past few weeks is kind of working.  The scale the past few days has been looking better, and I am feeling in control, happy, and optimistic.

I’ve been very hesitant to put a label on what I’m doing because I don’t want to pressure myself into thinking I ‘must’ act a certain way, and I left myself tons of opportunities to feel my way without constraints.  Aside from more than a little overindulgence this weekend (to celebrate Thanksgiving, plus a special Italian friend visiting – and cooking) I’ve been making really good eating choices with relatively little effort.

Armed with this success for the past few weeks, I’m going to stick to this approach through the end of the year (the Holidays, the trip back home, New Year’s in Rome) and then re-evaluate in mid-January.  I’d like to be able to incorporate exercise more regularly, but since I now feel that to continue eating this way is not going to be too difficult, I think I can start to think about exercise more without it being stressful.

I’m down about 4-5 pounds in 3 weeks, and I’m not “dieting”.  I stopped eating a lot of the junk, I am paying real attention to what I eat and the pleasure, and basically I am moving back towards that nebulous thing of “normal eating” “intuitive eating” etc that I started working on with Dr Hope.  In the long run I really think this is the approach that will allow me to live happily in France, with my foodie husband, enjoy cooking, and keep me less stressed about food and life in general.  When no food is forbidden and you eat when hungry just to the point of satisfaction you should be able to manage your weight.

I know that this approach is unlikely to keep me losing weight forever – at some point to lose more I’ll probably have to go to something stricter for a period of time, but since for now I seem able to lose weight and enjoy life completely with this approach, I think its the right solution for me.

I still have tons to work on in this area too, so the challenge level is still high, but so are the rewards, and the awareness and savoring exercises do nothing but enhance pleasure with food and teach me skills I’ll need to manage my weight long term regardless.

This weekend’s indulgences are over.  I will throw away the leftovers today, and have already stopped the madness as of this morning.  I poured the leftover cream down the drain this morning (after adding it to my morning coffee and thinking Yum!) because I was thinking to myself of all the different ways I could use the cream — and the reality is I don’t need to use it at all, and in the battle of waist vs waste, the trashcan finally won a round.

I head off to a few days in Munich knowing I can eat reasonably on the road, have breakfasts of oatmeal or cereal and fruit, breaks with fresh fruit and make the best of available options for dinner and lunch – and try to avoid the desserts.  I even think I’ll be able to make it to the gym on Thursday, and for once this is starting to feel like a good thing I’ll enjoy, and not a punishing ‘must do’.

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