I hate my weight

November 4, 2008

Well, SCARY NUMBER is back again, and I’m not surprised.

I’ve been eating poorly in general, although not catastrophic.  More like ‘maintain heavy weight’ eating vs ‘gain even more’ eating. Still, it’s the wrong direction.  We ate way too much takeout over the weekend – from Friday lunch to Sunday dinner it was all takeout.  Indian, Lebanese, Thai. Oy.

I did have a few good steps.

  • We went to the gym once this weekend, which was only our second time since joining (blush).
  • I did a small amount of cooking and went to the market to buy fruit and veggies.
  • I pulled the scale out of it’s hiding place and put it in plain view in the bathroom and have been getting on it every day.  Turning a blind eye was NOT working.

I really hate being at my current weight.  My rings are so tight I couldn’t get them on again if I ever managed to get them off – very ugly bulging fat on my fingers just after the rings.  Yucky.

My face is round and blah-looking.  Double chin (at least double) visible from every angle.

My arms are heavy and fill up certain of my jackets to ‘sausage’ stage.

My belly is huge and blubbery and just gross.

My legs are heavy and jiggly too.

My bras are too small, there is bulge everywhere.

My clothes continue to be a problem, I have just barely enough to dress myself for a week, not even taking into consideration fashion, just pure function.  I am down to about 3 jackets and 3 pair of pants.

It’s a sad state of affairs…

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