I Like to Travel, But I LOVE to Come Home

August 28, 2010

I really like to travel, but I LOVE to come home too.

We were on summer vacation for almost 4 weeks. It’s a long time.

Creative Commons License photo credit: KTVee

Before I forget in the day-to-day of my normal life, here’s a list of some things for coming home :

Some of the fun stuff I did on vacation :

  • Silly string fights
  • Played a Nintendo Wii
  • Visited a tea plantation
  • Visited a volcano museum
  • Went for a helicopter ride
  • Visited a vanilla farm
  • Celebrated my birthday (with cake AND ice cream)
  • Received a great sculpture as a birthday present from my husband
  • Watched lots of sunsets and three sunrises
  • Read a number of books
  • Swam a lot & enjoyed the beaches (and I wasn’t always the fattest girl on the beach after we left Mauritius, by the way)
  • Snorkled
  • Took lots of pictures
  • Visited a really beautiful botanical garden full of tropical plants I’d never seen before
  • Hiked for over 5 hours up and down and up and down and up and down a mountain (my legs were KILLING me for days afterwards)
  • Ate : ice cream, rice, bread and butter, sauces, dessert, great curries and local foods, some lousy stuff (Lord sandwich), amazing fresh tropical fruits including Victoria pineapple and goyavier berries and all kinds of new-to-me vegetables which I loved, but my favorite was the “bredes” of taro plant leaves. Lots of fresh fish, and shrimp. Avoided the duck, the goat (!), the venison. Avoided the cheeses because hey, I live in France, I don’t need to eat imported cheese or local yucky cheeses.
  • I am thoroughly Relaxed & Restored!

Things I love about Coming Home :

  • Looking forward to getting back on a diet
  • Looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow
  • Working from home & drinking tons of teas
  • Being able to drink as much water and tea as I’d like because I don’t need to worry about finding a bathroom…
  • Sleeping in my own bed
  • Getting the suitcases unpacked quickly
  • Organizing the photos and souvenirs
  • Going back to my outdoor market for fresh cheese, fruits & veggies
  • Going to the hairdresser to get polished up again after tons of sun and sand and forgetting to bring conditioner
  • Having all my shower gels, creams & potions on hand instead of a very edited selection for travel
  • French cheese! (Our first day back, my husband bought Beaufort, Salers, brie de Meaux, St Nectaire, St FĂ©licien & several others that are too strong for me)
  • Eating simple meals at home instead of restaurant, restaurant, restaurant
  • NOT having 10,000 choices at breakfast
  • Having more than 6 outfits to choose between when I get dressed
  • Not having small amounts of sand invading every crevice
  • Decent internet connections
  • Doing my own laundry instead of paying someone 15 bucks to wash a t-shirt
  • The sounds of a city
  • My cherry tomatoes are ripe!
  • Spending an evening w my husband and our choice of DVD at home (if we can stay awake that long, time zone changes are not in our favor!)
  • Having my choice of books, not just picking among the slim pickin’s in English after I finished what I brought with me
  • Having the mail still stopped for another day or two
  • Being able to call my family without it costing a fortune
  • Having a slightly different life perspective having traveled, seen different things, and lived differently for a few weeks (I love that!)

On the weight loss front :

  • As of the moment I stepped off the plane, I stepped back on plan
  • Leave something uneaten was NOT a success… this is going to be a hard change to make
  • Official weigh in to assess the damage is Monday – a few days to see what drops off from flight bloat & easy water loss…
  • Monday I’m back to the regular weekly weight loss goal setting again

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