I need a bit more focus

February 26, 2010

This week has been a bit more challenging than is ideal.  Last week went much smoother, even though I was traveling, probably because I was doing more checking in with myself.  I probably need to work on that.

Last weekend worked out well in large part because I planned for it on Friday, so I’m doing that again today.

Friday night : home alone w the hubby!!! A nice change of pace, as we’ve been MUCH too busy recently.  I did manage to buy something for dinner yesterday before my 24 hour trip to London, so dinner is now in the oven.  Easy as long as I got that done.

Saturday : Will get a nice long gym session in tomorrow, and otherwise eat normally.  We have theater tickets and will eat dinner out somewhere, but I’m confident that I can handle that well.

Sunday : Morning gym session and normal food at home.  I’ll stop by the market but only for Sunday & Monday, as after that we’re gone for almost a week to Berlin.

Ahhh…. feeling better about it already.

Next week exercise could be tricky but I’m making sure to bring the big suitcase so I have room for gym clothes, just in case.

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