I signed up for Weight Watchers online!

March 15, 2009

I finally did it, I must have visted the site 6 times since I thought about it, but today I finally took the bull by the horns and did it.

I’m starting tomorrow morning (although I’m not doing a food fest today) because Monday morning weigh ins feel best for me.

I’m hoping the online aspect will be okay for me – I seriously debated going with meetings, but Saturdays would be my only option, 2 of the coming 4 Saturdays I’ll be traveling, and this Saturday I ended up having to go to an appointment at the same time as the 2 meetings in my neighborhood.  So meetings might be a future option, but I was just envisioning all this excuse-making due to meetings, and decided I was better off online for now.  And I’m going to use my work-supplied Blackberry for online login when necessary, even though I feel a bit guilty about it, but considering it’s because of work that I can’t track from my French-based iPhone without spending a fortune, I’ll let my company pay for it (until/if I get my wrist slapped).

I also told my DH that I was doing it, and that I needed his support.  This was well-received, he said that he needs to pay attention too (he does) and that in any event with my traveling he has several days of the week to eat the stuff that tempts me that he wants without my being around.

I’m also planning to get to the gym today – although I haven’t made it yet…

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