I think I’m almost ready

March 11, 2009

I think I’m almost ready to get serious.  It’s been building for a while but it’s starting to solidify. 

I had the opportunity recently to hear the top brass of Weight Watchers give a talk in which they explained the whys of their program (in a professional context, not a selling one) and it was really clear to me that I’ve been deluding myself these past few years that I can go it alone, that I “should” just be able to do it (because I’ve done it in the past, and I “know” what needs to be done).

Of course I do.  Everyone does, don’t they?  Eat less, move more.  Nothing simpler or harder, just plain hard truth that is unbelievably hard to put into place. 

WW has put in place a bunch of behavioral change model tools based on cognitive science that are built into their programs, and hearing about them professionally of course made me realize that I probably should explore them personally…  

I’ve been working a bit with behavioral change tools for work (and will more and more, actually) so I can even delude myself that I’m exploring this for professional reasons, but the real thing that spoke to my heart was the light bulb going off that 1) Everyone needs help in doing this because it’s damn hard to change your own behavior (examples abound – smoking, diet, exercise, drug use, clutter collection, etc) and 2) Validated approaches have been developed.

So, Weight Watchers, save a place for me.  I’m trying to decided between the live meetings in France (which seem weird, and will add another to-do item to my already hectic Saturdays in Paris) or doing it online (from the US site) which is convenient but probably not quite as effective.  Any one having tried the WW Online program would love to have comments…

Starting date either way will be this weekend.

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