I’m getting used to not overeating – is this possible?

January 1, 2009

I’ve never been what I would call a binge eater, but I have been capable of eating large quantities of food when I indulge, often in a social context, or when things are particularly yummy to me.

These past few weeks I’ve really been trying to pay attention to being satisfied and the point of diminishing returns when eating – and the goal of always leaving something leftover has really helped me stop with the autopilot method of just shoving it in until it’s gone.

Still, New Year’s Eve for us is usually just me and my husband, cooking and indulging for the evening.  We buy favorites that are expensive and not for everyday – caviar for him, Alsaskan King Crab for me, often scallops, a decadent dessert (or two) and whatever else catches our fancy at the market.  This year was starting out similar, although an early sign it was going to be different was when at the market we loaded up on Victoria pineapple and berries, both of us saying it would be a refreshing way to end our meal.  I still thought maybe I’d stop by a bakery for a fancy dessert, but knew I didn’t need it and was kind of feeling like I didn’t want it (and I didn’t end up going out for it in the end).

Last night’s meal was great, as usual.  My husband prepared a really amazing salad to start with, which even though it was dripping with coconut milk (not light) was still a salad and therefore not completely sinful.  When crab time came I happily ate one giant leg but then didn’t want more (and we’d bought a TON).  I was full, no longer desiring to eat, having no desire to move from comfortably full to that horrible stuffed-to-the-gills feeling that comes with overdoing it.  So I stopped eating.  The scallops will wait for another meal, the leftover crab will be used up in other things.  Even the berries and special mini pineapple didn’t get their visit to my tummy last night – and will be happy perks for the next few days.

The champagne was divine, the evening very sweet and romantic, the time alone with my husband precious.  It was a great night, with great food.  Just not too much of it consumed.

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