I’m sick of being fat but I can’t stop eating

April 21, 2008

I am horrified with my current weight and how I feel and look.  And yet instead of taking action to correct it, I seem to be further sabotaging myself.  I have eaten pastries, cakes, bread and butter and oh so many other fattening things these past weeks.

I have stocked up on healthy foods too – and I generally am eating those as well.  I’m just plain old overeating in all senses.

I’m also feeling horribly out of shape.  I mean, I am horribly out of shape and I’m really feeling it.  I’m starting to dread when I have to go up 2 flights of stairs in my house.  I stopped going to the gym a year ago when my sciatica came on, and I haven’t been back, but I’m starting to think I’m going to re-join.  Clearly not working out is not helping me.  But that’s a goal for the future – I can’t even imagine where I can find the time or the energy to get to the gym.  But I think I remember feeling more energetic not more tired after working out, and especially when I worked out regularly.

For today I am going to try to be in control of my eating, and eat with the intention to lose weight.  I hope to post with good news tomorrow.

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