I’m struggling again

June 19, 2008

I guess it was the +4 pounds on the scale that did me in.  I’m struggling again, not very motivated, not doing a very good job, not tracking…

I also need to come up with a plan for the summer, and nothing seems right to me.  I don’t know what I’ll do.  I think I’m finally going to get back to exercising, it really made me feel better about myself when I did it, and I feel like a huge slug now NOT doing any.  But need to figure out what and how.

I’m taking this week as a pause week to figure out how to proceed for the next few months – promise I’ll have a plan in place on Monday.

I have some personal circumstances that are complicating things right now, adding stress and probably a few pounds on the scale, so I’m also trying to be gentle with myself and forgiving of the number on the scale.  Keeping it low-stress is a key, but I also need to be able to keep my weight from increasing, and I’d REALLY like to get back down under 200 by the end of the summer at least.

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