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October 29, 2009

This week I’ve been able to realize how much I trust my surgeon, and to really appreciate living in a country where I have great healthcare and don’t need to worry about my insurance company in any way, shape or form.  I recently read a book by TR Reid called The Healing of America which goes through the healthcare systems in various countries (including France) and tries to show how the US system could be reformed to incorporate some good ideas that have worked elsewhere.  Interesting book – if healthcare reform interests you, I recommend it.

What I have in France is the same comprehensive healthcare as every other resident.  I also have a supplemental policy that reimburses some of the copays and covers things like a private room in the hospital (instead of sharing w one other person).  I think I’ll end up paying about 30$ out of pocket for my week in the hospital next week – and yes, I’ll probably be in the hospital for about 5 nights after a laparoscopic hysterectomy (I think in the US it’s one or two nights). 

Today I saw my primary care doc who spent a good deal of time with me & gave me a flu shot, total cost 30€ and I’ll be reimbursed for all of it. 

I also went to a new psychiatrist (recommended by my PCP) because I’ve been not thrilled with the woman I’ve been seeing.  This guy charged me 41€ and again, it will be reimbursed by insurance.  I think I might have 1€ out of pocket to pay.  Maybe.

More than the affordability, is the confidence I have in these doctors, and the peace of mind from knowing my claims wont be denied, and I wont have to worry about being cancelled or having a hard time getting insurance in the future.  My heart goes out to people in the US not getting care that they need or having to worry about their insurance and bills at the same time they face the stress of disease.

I have let go of a lot of the worry about the details and now am just trusting in my doctor that the surgery will go well & that I will get a clean bill of health & easy recovery.

Meanwhile, I continue to see signs of weight loss.  I bought a pair of dark green cords in mid August when I was in the States.  I was happy because they were a regular (not Women’s) size 16.  They were a tad tight – I knew that to look good I needed to drop about 5 pounds.  Today these same pants are bagging in the butt and upper thighs.  It’s exciting to see progress that is tangible like that.  My husband says I’ve lost proportionally all over, but of course it feels like my belly is not shrinking and the boobs & butt are what I’m losing.   Regardless, I am making progress & I’m happy about it. 

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