Intuitive Weight Loss

October 4, 2010

Intuitive Weight Loss

Smoking Intuition
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Last Tuesday I realized I could stop weighing in for a while and probably do better on my weigh loss.  Almost as soon as the idea popped into my mind, I knew I had to pursue it.

The way I see it is to relax about the monitoring and let myself do what I know I need to do over a certain amount of time.  Deep in my mind I see this going until January, but I’m worried this approach could take me in the wrong direction, so I’m doing it for 3 weeks and then getting on the scale.  I’ll reassess the next phase then.

Let me try to clarify – I am not taking a break from weight loss – I’m just taking a break from some of the steps I usually follow.   I already do a pretty low-stress weight loss approach – so getting to a more zen place means rethinking a few things.  After some thinking, I’m not taking a break from weekly goals and checking in (although I won’t have the scale to give input on how I’ve done).  The weekly check-in routine helps me enormously, and I do it in a pretty low-key way.

Trusting myself to lose weight without much monitoring

The first few days after I decided to try this I felt really free – I loved not thinking about the scale (even though mid-week I rarely check my weight anyway).  I loved giving myself permission not to write down the food (despite that I had made it a goal just a day earlier).  I found myself being very consistent in eating well – partly probably due to the fact I was home for a change, but also because I felt I could handle the freedom responsibly.

I’m somewhat scared of what a break from the scale will mean.  Usually when I take a break from the scale I gain weight (well, actually it’s actually that usually I’m gaining and that’s WHY I take a break from the scale).   I’m going to need to focus more on the fit of my clothes (and my rings) to give me a sense of how I’m doing.

I’m also clear in the goal – to get to out of this sticky weight decade and start to play in the next one.

Reasons for finding a new approach

Old approaches don’t fit right now : I suspect one reason I was open to a new approach was that I knew some of my old ones weren’t going to work right now.  I’ve been watching a lot of other people signing up for challenges and other motivation gimmicks to get another chunk of weight off.  A part of me wants to join in, but the truth is that right now my life is very full and quite stressful, and adding a big weight loss effort could push me over the edge.   I wrote a few weeks ago about needing to change your plans as your life changes – this is a reflection of that philosophy in action

Trying to chill out : I’ve been trying to chill out every day.  The pleasure journal helps (when I do it).  I’m also pulling some of my other stress-busting tools out of my bag of tricks.  I’d also like to find the bandwith to find a few more tricks – so far that’s been a challenge, but maybe this week I’ll be able to find some time for this kind of reading and thinking.

I have simple goals : I’m going to spend my energy and time on eating well, becoming a regular exerciser, and staying happy. And I’m going to get lighter and stay calm as I do it.

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Weekly Weight Loss Plan for the Week of October 4th

Check in on last week’s goals :

1) Exercise regularly (3x a week when traveling, 4x a week when home).  Failed. I can make excuses, including several 12 hour days at work, but the bottom line is that I wasn’t motivated, didn’t make it a priority, and disappointed myself.

2) Record food & life’s daily pleasures Abandoned. I was already on shaky ground because I didn’t start Monday with the tracking, but on Tuesday when I changed approaches I never looked back.  That said, I missed the journaling the pleasures, and there was one day when I realized that had I been writing them down I’d have forced myself to have more of them.  Every so often I can catch myself growing, and that’s a good feeling!

3) Leave something uneaten Making progress. I probably should write a post about how this has been going, because I’ve learned some of the moments that are particularly hard for me to do this.  There are also times when it’s not as hard.  The majority of my eating is still somewhat automatic and I find myself with an empty plate before I remember I’m trying to do this – but clearly, progress can be found if you look for PROGRESS, not Perfection like I do.

Plans for the week  of October 4th:

I’m taking a step back from 3 goals and going down to 2.  Things are busy for me.  I want very much to achieve these 2 goals, and the “leave something uneaten” thing is not as big a priority.

1) Exercise regularly. It’s a travel week, that means 3 sessions to count. 

2) Record life’s daily pleasures each day OR read something thought-provoking about happiness and stress management. I’m ready to add other stress-reducing, happiness-increasing approaches to my daily life.  I know the appreciation thing works for me (daily pleasures).  This goals is structured to nudge me where I want to go…

What are your plans for weight loss this week?  Your thoughts on my “intuitive weight loss” approach?

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