It feels good to be a little sore

June 29, 2008

After months and months of not exercising,  I have to say it feels really good to be a little sore today.

My legs are stiff, my back hurts a little in all kinds of places, my belly is tender – all of it clearly muscle pain, all of it related to the fact that I have finally broken the inert freeze I’ve been in.

Yesterday I went out for a long walk, exercise-style, and realized after a few minutes that I needed to pick up the pace from my normal one if I was to call it exercise – which I did, and was walking at a considerably faster clip than usual for an hour.

I am needing to get a move on right now to get to the pool this morning before it gets too crowded.  How’s that for a change of pace, usually my Sunday mornings are all about lazing around!

Still, I’m not pushing myself too hard – a little sore is fine and hard to avoid when you start moving, but I don’t want to be worse than this, so I’ll keep my pool time today to 30 minutes again to make sure I don’t overdo it.

Thanks so much for the cheers – I really appreciate them!

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