It’s mainly a head game, isn’t it?

May 12, 2010

Yesterday I was catching up on updating my weight log.

I have this recent goal of weighing in daily just to help keep me focused for the next few days, but more recently I’ve been weighing weekly.  Even when I do get on the scale daily I don’t write it down except for that once-a-week weigh-in.  That weekly weight chart is the document I keep – it’s simple spreadsheet where I see change that week & cumulative & have a spot where I can write what was going on that week (travel, anniversary, etc).  I copy that number also to Skinnr (see the weight page) because it makes a cool, updated graph without any effort from me except entering a number.

The interesting thing is the head games that the numbers pulled on me last week when I came back from Munich.  I’d been on the road, and dinner contained a lot of sodium (Asian stir-fry at the airport).  The next morning’s weigh in was 194 and somehow I felt like I was back at square one from my US food fest & that put me in the mindset that caving in to temptation didn’t matter anyway.  But you know what?  I was wrong. I weighed 198 when I came back from the States (IVF bloat & all), not 194, and that Monday I’d weighed in at 193.

Perception shapes reality

But in my mind 194 was my “coming home” weight so I felt like I’d wasted 2 weeks with no progress, which in turn had me digging into things progressively over the next few days – and avoiding the gym & getting serious in general.

Today looking at the document I realized I was only up one pound, and those who weigh daily know that one pound variations are usual – sodium, travel, fiber, air – this is normal variation.  But because in my mind it was a “failure” weight it became one.  And today when I saw the document I had a Homer Simpson d’oh! moment when I realized what I’d done.

My goals for this week are going well – and not stressing me out

1) Eat healthy & balanced foods : yes, although I was lucky to have some nuts stuck in a drawer at the office.  I took the time to have a good breakfast (although it made me 5 minutes late) and chose a nice salad for lunch.  I snacked on green beans when I got home & ended up not hungry enough for a full dinner, so we had cheese & veggies.

2) Drink lots of water & herbal tea : a challenge since I wasn’t at home, but I bought an extra bottle of water & at least hit the minimums, plus drank a lot when I got home.  Not ideal, but passable

3) Daily weigh in : yes, and this public log is keeping me honest.  The scale moved down a few tenths of a pound, but still rounds to 194 (I only use whole pounds in reporting weight to keep myself sane).

Has the scale ever made YOU do something stupid?


Spring Focus Update :

The Blogroll is now up & growing – based on majority input, I’m putting in first names so if I don’t have yours, please leave it in the comments

It’s not to late for you to join – just comment here.

As for the weight tracking, here’s what I propose (based on the various replies I had via email).   Every Monday I will update with the COLLECTIVE weight loss reported by group members.  Some people weigh in daily, some on Friday, some on Monday.  If you don’t want to give your weight, don’t.  I’ll try to post the collective number on Tuesdays.  There is no contest against other participants.  Several of us categorize ourselves as “slow losers” (guilty!) and a few people don’t want to put a lot of focus on the numbers, so I think this is the best compromise.

Please report 2 numbers on Monday : pounds lost this past week, and collective pounds lost since signing up for Spring Focus.

As always, open for discussion in the comments!

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