It’s peeking at me! Onederland is coming!

July 22, 2009

Okay, 2 days in a row I’ve seen glimpses of Onederland on the scale.  My offical weigh in days are Mondays but this week if the One number holds Friday morning I’m moving my ticker.

I’m really happy about it, and I can see the difference in my face too.  My husband has been quietly supportive.

I’ve been doing this low carb thing for about 4 months now and as a result we have much less junk in the house.  I still buy him bread and he sometimes still has desserts, but apparently he’s also really cut back, and he hopped on the scale yesterday and — with no effort really — he has lost more than me.  Men suck.  Still, I’m glad he’s down several pounds, and he told me that he listened to what I was doing and has been skipping the bread and potatoes a lot when he eats out (he eats out very frequently), and now often skips desserts too.  Frankly I haven’t seen a lot of restraint when we’re together, but no doubt the meals at home are lower carb, because if I cook I think of what I can have, and sometimes throw a potato in the oven for him… and sometimes I don’t.

I am still quite stressed by these decisions regarding fertility and the stupid endometrial cancer.  Saw my fertility doc yesterday who basically said that I am right, waiting for 9+ months for another attempt at my age makes no sense, the likelihood of success due to age is a real issue, therefore the smarter choice for fertility is to do whatever I can faster.  I knew this, of course, that’s why I made the appointment with him, but still it was jarring to hear it from him.  I’m also getting scared about getting an IUD put in tomorrow.  I’ve read these horror stories of pain and bleeding, and have no interest in having that be my California vacation.  Since my appointment for the IUD insertion is the night before my morning flight to the US, I’m wondering how smart an idea it is, or if I should do the rest of the treatment now and save the IUD for when I come back… to be discussed tomorrow with the doc (who no doubt will try to reassure me about the IUD).

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