I’ve Moved!

June 28, 2010

I’ve been blogging about my weight at 3 Fat Chicks community blogs as “Round” for about 3 years now, and have finally taken the plunge & set up my own blog.

I’ve written a lot about “Low Stress” weight loss over the years, and when I saw that the name was available a few months back, I grabbed it.  It’s been pretty much the central theme of my weight loss blog over the past few years, and my commitment to a low-stress way to manage my weight is certainly not decreasing, so I’m excited to have a platform that fits with what I want this blog to be about (and I’m also happy to leave the 3FC-placed ads on my blog behind).

I’m hoping over the next few months to make this new blog look a lot better, and I’ll be trying to add some of the features you suggested and I’d love your feedback and suggestions as I work through that.

I’m particularly interested to know if leaving comments is difficult for you, since there aren’t a lot of choices in setting up for commenters on this platform, and it’s something a number of people said could be a problem.

If you have me bookmarked or read in a reader, please change those to :



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