Keep On Truckin’

January 24, 2011

Lego: delivery truck

Of all the weight loss advice you can ever get, nothing probably is more true than to keep trying.

Anyone reading a weight loss blog can probably relate to the number of times that life gets in the way of that weight loss goal.   I suspect the biggest difference between those who stay obese forever and the rest of us is just to keep trying.

If there is one thing I’ve gotten better about over the past few years it’s that my “falling off track” tends to be shorter and less deep now than it used to be.  I have a long-term commitment to myself to actively manage my weight and even to lose weight.  Even when my diet and exercise routine consists almost entirely of rolling from one meal to the next the thought of that greater goal is never too far out of my mind.

My “weekly plan” from 2 weeks ago went great for 5 days and then tanked on the weekend.  But a few days later I was back at it again.

Taking it slowly, only concentrating on diet for now (hopefully will add in exercise in a week or two).

Keeping on keeping on… because there isn’t much else we can do, is there?

Plan for this week :

1) Continue with good weight-loss oriented eating

Bonus points if I also start exercise – probably yoga.

Creative Commons License photo credit: lydiashiningbrightly

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