less hungry, but missing fruit

April 10, 2009

That’s my Friday summary of the first 5 days of low-carb eating.  I could also add that it’s socially awkward and not easy to find suitable food on the run…

I made a smart move of packing a bag of almonds before my travels this week, and had to dip into them twice on airplanes when delays and hunger hit together and only carb foods were available.  I also have been eating strawberries because they are the first fruit most low carb plans let you add in, and I was just feeling totally deprived today and so I bought some.  I mean, come on, if the big indulgence is some strawberries I’m doing ok, right?

The social aspect has probably been the worst – I am never someone who likes to announce that I’m on a diet, but obviously this makes you eat very differently from everyone else.  So far I made it, but who knows how long before I have to let my work colleagues know – we usually eat both lunch and dinner together (we all travel together). 

Breakfast turned out to be okay at the hotel this week because I could order eggs.  Being home (today) is MUCH easier but it’s been do-able on the road (not in a really strict “Atkins” sense because of the almonds etc but I think except the strawberries it would pass as South Beach). 

I have been surprised that the hunger pattern seems different so quickly.  This morning I made a really nice omelette with feta, onion & mushrooms and didn’t get hungry for lunch until 6 hours later.  Yesterday I had a totally low-carb but not very voluminous lunch, and was starving 2 hours afterwards because it wasn’t enough (hence the almonds). 

This weekend will be a challenge, in that I am leaving for a weekend with a friend and I don’t know how well the eating options will fit, but I’ll do the best I can…

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