Lose It on iPhone (or iPod Touch)

January 6, 2010

I’ve had an app on my iPhone for a while now called Lose It which is basically a calorie (and carbs!) counting software, like FitDay for your iPhone.  It has a good database & is pretty easy to use, having lists of favorites & the ability to copy meals from previous days (am I the only one who eats pretty much the same breakfast every day?).  I’ve played with several of these kinds of gadgets on my iPhone but this one is the one that I’ve kept.

I’m not usually very regular w using it, but since right now I’m being hard-core about my diet to try to drop these extra holiday pounds & get the weight moving down again, I’m tracking carefully to keep my carbs low.

In playing with it these past few days I’ve noticed a lot of new features, including adding your “friends”.  But I don’t share my daily weight battles with most of my friends & family (and those few who I would don’t have iPhones) so I wanted to see if anyone here in the blogosphere is using Lose It & if so maybe we could friend up on there.

If you’d be interested, leave me a comment & I’ll send you my email address which is how you sign someone up as your “friend”.

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