Losing Weight on Vacation

February 23, 2012

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We are leaving for 10 days of vacation, and I still want to lose weight.

We will be in hotels and with friends, sleeping in 5 places over 10 nights, and only on 3 days will I have a reasonable degree of control over the food available.

Realistic expectations

I am keeping a vision in my mind of actually losing a pound during the week, but realistically know tht just staying the same or even a couple of pounds of bloat will be quite an accomplishment. I’ll measure how I did by seeing if I can post a loss from my pre-vacation weight by the week after my vacation (not the day I get back).

Plan A

Is to

– log all my food
– walk 6 times while we are away
– keep tight control of 2 out of 3 meals and avoid snacking

Breakfast is likely to be the hardest meal for me, as in France most breakfast are carbs carbs and more carbs (fruit juice, bread and croissants, jams). For the first few days I have snacks packed that I can dig into if breakfast choices are as hard as I expect. We have a car and can hit grocery stores, and if it turns out that the snacks are working out I can restock.

I will allow myself to have galettes (crêpes) twice, but only savory ones. Other than eating from politeness at a family dinne, I will not have desserts, except my brought from home 85% chocolate.

I will keep track of how many focus meals vs whatever meals I have. I will try to remain focused only on making good choices at the single meal in front of me, and remembering that I can find any of the foods on offer again in the future. I will remind myself of how hard it’s been to lose 30 pounds in six months, and how ebay it was to gain 35 pounds in far less time than tht.

Plan B

is to use my phone app to more precisely follow the totals of calories and graph the daily Line of Reasonableness, which I have printed off to take with me

I’m looking forward to the trip, although the weight control challenge (let alone loss) will be a high hurdle!

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