Lost 3 pounds and Gained some self-respect

April 28, 2008

I’ve lost 3 pounds! I would normally weigh in Monday, but since I was out of town Monday morning I did it Sunday, and was glad to see 3 pounds gone of the shocking high weight of 215.

I am mainly happy what I have gained, however : A more optimistic outlook and feeling better about myself. I’ve gotten back in control of my food, and even started walking a bit.

It is such a change to be able to want to come here and share good news instead of the weeks and weeks where I just wanted to hide & cry…

I was still coming to post from time to time on my blog, but with such despair and self-hatred. I am pretty proud of the fact that despite the backsliding I managed to come here from time to time anyway – I credit that to the goals I made for 2008 and not wanting to see myself failing at all of them (one was keeping up the blog – most of the rest have been big failures so far this year…).

Anyway, 3 pounds are gone so I have something to show for my efforts, and even without something to show I’m really pleased to be back.

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