Low carbin’ California

July 30, 2009

I’m reporting in from vacation, a brief stop at Starbucks for internet.

So far, so good on the diet front.  I’ve been able to successfully stick to low carb eating, passing up lots of junk at the beach and the full breakfast options.  My husband has been only mildly annoyed (he would love to just go to a coffee place for a muffin for breakfast instead of finding a place that takes longer and serves eggs) – he is very supportive, however, especially since I’ve now lost enough that it’s noticeable.  My own mom didn’t recognize me when we went to pick her up – she looked right past me, and for once I could see it was because I looked smaller than she was expecting, which was nice.

I haven’t even had an indulgence yet on this trip – every meal I’ve been able to find bonafide low carb fare to eat.  Yesterday after hiking in burning hot (110° F) Joshua Tree I did cave and get a sugar free Slurpee, I drank about half of it, but it was Sugar Free, therefore allowed, it’s just that I generally avoid artificial sugar completely.

For the next 10 days or so we’ll have a kitchen still on our vacation stops, which makes the breakfasts and chocolate a little easier.  The last week of our trip will be more restaurants 3x a day, which will be a bit more inconvenient.

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