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November 22, 2010

This week marks the kickoff of the Holiday season for most of us.  In the US it’s Thanksgiving this week, and even here in France all my junk emails seem to start with pleas for holiday spending.

The Weight Gain Season

I’m sure you know that most people gain weight over the holidays.  Estimates range from 5 to 7 to even 10 pounds on average (or a scary 1 pound story saying it’s one permanent pound never to be lost).

Many of us take a fairly long time to lose 5 or 7 or 10 pounds (or even one) and so adding to the weight with holiday weight gain is the last thing we need to do.

At A Minimum, Hold the Line

One of the topics I’ve been giving a lot of thought to in my work on Regular Exercise recently is the concept of minimal standards agreements.  The main one I’m working on is fitting a basic definition of regular exercise into my life permanently.  Another is setting certain periods of my life as “No Gain” periods.

No Gain does not necessarily mean No Loss

“No Gain” as a minimal standard doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond it – it just means that you’re saying that no matter what you are committing to AT LEAST hold the line where it is.

Thanksgiving is one meal, as is Christmas, and New Years is one evening.  Even if you go free for all those 3 meals and otherwise keep a lid on the eating you’ll probably not gain anything, but of course the actual meal itself is just the tip of the iceberg in the holiday eating challenge.

There are the eggnog lattes on offer at Starbucks, all the candy bowls are full, people bake each other cookies, clients send food gifts, parties galore.  It all adds up to more temptations on offer (many with a scarcity halo as they only show up this time of year) and the whole thing just depletes your limited self control.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had many years of holiday seasons when I went in hoping to lose during the holiday weeks.  A few times I even succeeded.  But most of the time real life gets complicated, and those cookies just look too good, or the donuts somebody brings in opens the gates to several days of bad eating, and I’ve often ended up doing my part to hold up that average weight gain statistic.

Join Me : Make The Pledge to Hold the Line


Last year I promised myself No Gain Holidays (and I pretty much succeeded).

This year I’m not just out of surgery and so don’t have all the same excuses, and I’m really committed to make this time of year into No Gain Holidays.

My current weight is 194 – goal is to be 194 or below on January 3rd

I’d of course like to be well below that number, and could come up with all kinds of pretty graphs of where I could be if I do this or that, but the bottom line, absolutely non-negotiable is to hold the line at 194.

Let’s Keep Each Other On Track : Pledge Here

Sign up here to state your public commitment to No Gain Holidays

The Goal :

  • My hope is that a good percentage of us actually lose a little during the holiday period, but that EVERYONE holds the line.

Basic rules :

  • No Gain Holidays is a commitment to yourself to hold the line on your weight from before Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Eve.
  • Runs 7 weeks (November 22nd – January 3rd)
  • You can join anytime
  • This is self-reported : you can post your weight or your weight loss or keep it totally to yourself.  Your pants will know even if we don’t.
  • Join by linking up your blog (or leave a comment)

There is a badge for your blog available in the sidebar

Send me any feedback you have… and come back on Wednesday for an exciting announcement!

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