Meeting Day 1

March 31, 2008

I was maybe a bit too strict in my goals for this week.  I’m taking it day by day, maybe even meal by meal.

First off, I was REALLY busy all day.  Often when busy I will eat mindlessly of what’s around out of nervous habit.  Not today, I’m proud to say.

Before coming to the meeting I had oatmeal at home, and was very glad that I’d taken the time to make it over the weekend.  Homemade steel-cut oatmeal is so yummy!

I had more bread than I’d planned, but mainly because the food at this hotel is yucky, and bread was a better choice than other stuff.  My portions have been good, and that I wasn’t even remotely expecting to address.

I was great at snacks, having only fruit (plums, which aren’t even in season and were pretty good).  There was a ton of candy and cookies around too, and I didn’t touch them.

I had a yogurt for dessert at lunch along w some sliced kiwis (I am so lazy – I don’t buy kiwis but when I see them already cut up for me I jump on them).  But for dinner tonight I had about a half cup of tiramisu (plus a plum).

I forgot the chocolate bar when I was packing so I don’t have that “good chocolate” waiting for me… I might have resisted the tiramisu if I knew I had that waiting…

All in all I’m very happy w today, because I was solidly in control all day.  Even when I chose the tiramisu I did so intentionally and I took the time to enjoy it, unlike most eating in the past several weeks where things went from choice to plate to inhaled without any conscious reflection.

Sleep should be no problem – I’m wiped out.

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